Jeremiah 51:15 עשׂה He hath made ארץ the earth בכחו by his power, מכין he hath established תבל the world בחכמתו by his wisdom, ובתבונתו by his understanding. נטה and hath stretched out שׁמים׃ the heaven

Jeremiah 51:15

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  15 H6213 עשׂה He hath made H776 ארץ the earth H3581 בכחו by his power, H3559 מכין he hath established H8398 תבל the world H2451 בחכמתו by his wisdom, H8394 ובתבונתו by his understanding. H5186 נטה and hath stretched out H8064 שׁמים׃ the heaven