Proverbs 8:22-31

  22 H3068 The LORD H7069 possessed [H8804]   H7225 me in the beginning H1870 of his way H6924 , before H4659 his works of old.
  23 H5258 I was set up [H8738]   H5769 from everlasting H7218 , from the beginning H6924 , or ever H776 the earth was.
  24 H8415 When there were no depths H2342 , I was brought forth [H8797]   H4599 ; when there were no fountains H3513 abounding [H8737]   H4325 with water.
  25 H2022 Before the mountains H2883 were settled [H8717]   H6440 , before H1389 the hills H2342 was I brought forth [H8797]  :
  26 H6213 While as yet he had not made [H8804]   H776 the earth H2351 , nor the fields H7218 , nor the highest part H6083 of the dust H8398 of the world.
  27 H3559 When he prepared [H8687]   H8064 the heavens H2710 , I was there: when he set [H8800]   H2329 a compass H6440 upon the face H8415 of the depth:
  28 H553 When he established [H8763]   H7834 the clouds H4605 above H5810 : when he strengthened [H8800]   H5869 the fountains H8415 of the deep:
  29 H7760 When he gave [H8800]   H3220 to the sea H2706 his decree H4325 , that the waters H5674 should not pass [H8799]   H6310 his commandment H2710 : when he appointed [H8800]   H4144 the foundations H776 of the earth:
  30 H681 Then I was by him H525 , as one brought up H3117 with him : and I was daily H3117   H8191 his delight H7832 , rejoicing [H8764]   H6256 always H6440 before him;
  31 H7832 Rejoicing [H8764]   H8398 in the habitable part H776 of his earth H8191 ; and my delights H1121 were with the sons H120 of men.