Isaiah 63:1-6

YLT(i) 1 `Who is this coming from Edom? With dyed garments from Bozrah? This that is honourable in his clothing, Travelling in the abundance of his power?' --`I, speaking in righteousness, mighty to save.' 2 `Wherefore is thy clothing red? And thy garments as treading in a wine fat?' 3 --`A wine-press I have trodden by myself, And of the peoples there is no one with me, And I tread them in mine anger, And I trample them in my fury, Sprinkled is their strength on my garments, And all my clothing I have polluted. 4 For the day of vengeance is in my heart, And the year of my redeemed hath come. 5 And I look attentively, and there is none helping, And I am astonished that there is none supporting, And give salvation to me doth mine own arm. And my wrath--it hath supported me. 6 And I tread down peoples in mine anger, And I make them drunk in my fury, And I bring down to earth their strength.