Did God Create Hell?

Jacque Ellul 

I believe that all people are included in the grace of God. I believe that all the theologies that have made a large place for damnation and hell are unfaithful to a theology of grace. For if there is predestination to perdition, there is no salvation by grace. Salvation by grace is granted precisely to those who without grace would have been lost. Jesus did not come to seek the righteous and the saints, but sinners. He came to seek those who in strict justice ought to have been condemned.

A theology of grace implies universal salvation. What could grace mean if it were granted only to some sinners and not to others according to an arbitrary decree that is totally contrary to the nature of our God? If grace is granted according to the greater or lesser number of sins, it is no longer grace-it is just the opposite because of this accountancy. Paul is the very one who reminds us that the enormity of the sin is no obstacle to grace: Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more (Rom. 5:20). This is the key statement. The greater the sin, the more God’s love reveals itself to be far beyond any judgment or evaluation of ours. This grace covers all things. It is thus effectively universal. Jacques Ellul, French philosopher and author, from What I Believe (Eerdmans, 1989, pp.188-192) http://www.tentmaker.org/articles/did-god-create-hell.htm

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3 Comments on Did God Create Hell?

  1. Jeffrey Smith says:

    The question was did God create hell?
    This did not answer the question.
    Since God created all things, and hell is a thing, yes, God created hell.
    “Hell was created for (not men) but, “the devil and his angels”
    Despite what we think we know of Hell, it was created for God’s loving purposes and is within his plan of reconciliation of all men to Him.

  2. Jim Mchugh says:

    Jeffrey, did God create darkness? Did God create the things ‘we’ imagine? Is sin REAL? if so God must have created it too. My point is that child molest exists, but God can not be blamed for its creation. Man, fallen man is the creator in this situation, so also ‘we’ create hell and you don’t have to die to find it.

  3. Jim Mchugh says:

    ps. Love ALLWAYS wins

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