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“For God SO loved the world that He gave…” John 3:16

God gives in an immeasurable way. He does not give as a deserved and fair payment for services rendered, but out of love. Therefore, He is a Giver who gives from the heart and out of unfathomable and divine love, as Christ says, in John 3:16.

Now among the virtues none is greater than love. patience, purity, moderation, etc. are all fine virtues, but they are trivial when compared with God’s agape (self-disinterested) love. Love includes all other virtues and brings them in its train. Where there is love, a person gives his entire self and is willing and eager to do anything for which he may be needed.

Our heart should expand and all sadness disappear when we look at the depths of love in God’s heart. Imagine! God is the supreme and greatest Giver and His giving flows out of love, the sublimest of virtues.

But what is the reason behind His giving? What moves Him to give? Nothing but inexpressible love! For He does not give because He is bound to do so or because someone has asked and begged Him to give. He gives because He is moved by His own Goodness. He is a LORD who is glad to give and whose love and delight is in giving, entirely for nothing, without any petition.

So He must really be a Good God, and His love must be a great, incomprehensible fire, much greater than the fire which Moses saw in the burning bush…Since this is God’s disposition toward the world, who would now despair? This love is too sublime; I cannot do justice to it. I cannot enlarge upon it nor treat it as exhaustively as it deserves.  Martin Luther

“Whoever is wise, let him heed these things and consider the great Love of the LORD.” Psalm 107:43

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