“I think if we were not caught in the meshes of that wretched Augustinian scheme of theology which postulates eternal hell to compel us to accept it, — I think, I say, if it were not for this theology, all Christendom must have long ago come to see, that, at the very least, God feels towards a sinner as a saint would do, and not as a man less good, or wise, or merciful.

We do not think man’s evil can, in the long run of the ages, finally outspeed God’s ever-pursuing mercy. He must overtake us sooner or later. We may temporarily choose evil rather than good, and vileness instead of nobleness, and be ungrateful and sinful. But God will get the better of us at last.” Frances Power Cobbe

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  1. Matt says:

    There are so many people who tell me that it’s because of our free will that so many people will never get saved. It seems to make more sense to me that it’s BECAUSE of our free will that we will all be saved. I don’t think that God will violate our free will to save us, but instead that he will keep pursuing us and showing us the wonders of who he is until we come to our senses and choose Him. A person who’s free to choose cannot go on rejecting the truth for all eternity. They will eventually give up their pride and gladly choose to honor God. And once they accept the truth, I don’t think they could ever go back because they would know that the truth is best. The only way for a person to reject God for eternity would be for that person to lose their free will and be stuck in a state of rejecting God. I don’t believe that a God who loves that person would ever tear away their free will like that and destroy their chances of ever being with Him.

    This is just what makes sense to me right now. I hope it makes some sense to others too. I’m open for correction if there’s a better way to view it.

    Thanks for writing these blogs. They are very helpful.

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