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At the Tentmaker Ministries Website there are hundreds of quotes from early church history to the present day expressing what Gary Amirault calls “The Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Paul, the apostle called it the “glorious gospel.” One of the earliest of church writers has this to say about this great victory wrought at the Cross of Christ:

“God’s justice is, of itself, nothing but goodness; for it rewards the righteous with blessings, and seeks to improve the sinful. God’s punishment is, in its operation, like medicine: it dissolves the hard heart, removes the filth of uncleanness, and reduces the swellings of pride and arrogance; thereby restoring its subject to a sound and healthful state.

“The necessary corrections of the Great Judge, Who regards all with kindness, will make mankind grieve for their sins and imperfections, and advance them through the various states of discipline to perfection. Even God’s wrath is full of goodness towards the human race; for whose sake the Word of God was made man. The discipline of God is always beneficial and instructive, leading to improvement.” Clement of Alexandria (150-215 A.D.)

Now isn’t that better than the message of the traditional church for the last 1600 years? Visit Tentmaker Ministries and spend a few days there. There, you will discover that God’s love is NOT in contrast to His Holiness and Justness — there you will discover our Father’s justice and holiness comes from His being which is LOVE. They harmonize perfectly to produce a perfect new creation in which He makes ALL THINGS NEW. There is no room for the hellish things the traditional church has taught the last 1600 years. Hell will be found to be a lie planted in the minds of deceived people. And when the lie is exposed to the Truth, the person of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit, the lie will vanish even as the night must give way to the day. Did you know the early church taught the salvation of all mankind through Jesus Christ? The Early Christian View of the Savior. 

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