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A woman came to the Tentmaker Ministries youtube channel tentmaker777 recently and began to watch videos expressing the reality that Jesus will indeed

save all mankind. She was watching a video presentation by Richard Wurmbrandt on “The Depth of Jesus Christ’s Forgiveness.” She left a comment:

“oh my, so lovely….. i am going to start crying for a while a think…. the joy has to escape!”

Yes, when we truly get past the superficiality of churchianity and really get into the kingdom of Jesus Christ and the fullness of all He came to give us, tears of joy will flow and the joy HAS TO ESCAPE! Oh dear brother and sister. Ask Jesus to turn you into a bottle of champaign. Ask Him to fill you with the Spirit of the Kingdom of the Beloved Son. In this world, alcohol used to be called “spirits.” At big celebrations, like the Superbowl or World Series, the players break out bottles of champaign, shake the bottles up a little and pop the cork pouring the bubbly all over each other in a frenzy of celebration. The world has its “spirits.” So does the kingdom of Jesus.

This wine of the Spirit is not something one can concoct in oak barrels. It is not something that can be brewed in a still in the West Virginia mountains. It’s not something that can be fermented in an animal skin on Mount Zion in Old Jerusalem. No, this fruit of the Spirit comes from above, New Jerusalem, the mother of us all. It does not come from our flesh, nor religion, nor the systems of this world. It does not come from the entertainment or sports world.

We know what the fruit of the Spirit is. I don’t need to list them here. (Gal. 5:22, 23) It is easy to read about them. It is even easy to memorize them. But manifesting them, that’s another issue, isn’t it? Sometimes we have this big cork in our mouth preventing the bubblies from coming out. Sometimes there is nothing worth pouring out from behind that cork; just sour grapes or vinegar.

Recently, I read of an account in which a woman was able to “pop the cork.” See the results:

The Depths of God’s Forgiveness

“The Hiding Place”, page 220. Corrie ten Boom, author of “The Hiding Place” suffered many indignities and great mental torture at the hands of the Nazis during the last war, particularly at the Ravensbruck concentration camp. But two years after the war was over, she was speaking at a church service in Munich, and in her own words  –

“It was at a church service in Munich that I saw him, the former S.S. man who had stood guard at the shower room door in the processing center at Ravensbruck. He was the first of our actual jailers that I had seen since that time. And suddenly it was all there—the roomful of mocking men, the heaps of clothing, Betsie’s pain-blanched face. He came up to me as the church was emptying, beaming and bowing. “How grateful I am for your message Fraulein,” be said. “To think that, as you say, He has washed my sins away !”  His hand was thrust out to shake mine. And I, who had preached so often to the people in Bloemendaal the need to forgive, kept my hand at my side. Even as the angry, vengeful thoughts boiled through me, I saw the sin of them. Jesus Christ had died for this man; was I going to ask for more? Lord Jesus, I prayed, forgive me and help me to forgive him. I tried to smile, I struggled to raise my hand. I could not. I felt nothing, not the slightest spark of warmth or charity. And so again I breathed a silent prayer. Jesus, I cannot for­give him. Give me Your forgiveness. As I took his hand the most incredible thing happened. From my shoulder along my arm and through my hand a current seemed to pass from me to him, while into my heart sprang a love for this stranger that almost overwhelmed me. And so I discovered that it is not on our forgiveness any more than on our goodness that the world’s healing hinges, but on His. When He tells us to love our enemies, He gives, along with the command, the love itself.”

(On page 220 from the book “The Hiding Place” by Corrie ten Boom)

Seek, knock and ask. Please note in this heavenly champaign outpouring, Corrie had to ask twice. Note the difference.

Celebrate the Christ in you in such a way the world takes notice. Ask Jesus to pop your cork. Knowing the Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the WHOLE world, (not just some) sure helps.

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