THE INESCAPABLE LOVE OF GOD – THOMAS TALBOTT Love NEVER fails “The corrective effects of kolasis aionios (usually translated ‘everlasting punishment’ in traditional Bible translations) last forever. But as a means to an end, it will not last any longer than is necessary to produce the end for which it exists in the first place. When we finally weary of our own selfishness, petty jealousies, and lust for power; when we learn at last, perhaps through bitter experience, that these lead only to ruin and cannot bring enduring happiness, that nothing short of union with God and reconciliation with others will satisfy our own deepest yearnings; when we discover that the Hound of Heaven has finally closed off every alternative to such a union, we shall then, each of us, finally embrace the destiny that is ours.” Tom Talbott, author of “The Inescapable Love of God,” a classic in the library of Christian Universalist literature. Tom is a professor emeritus at Williamette University.

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