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“When I was just a little girl and loved Him sooooo much, that I asked Him if I could do something special for Him when I grew up, like make Him a present….of me….” Those words came from an email I received from a woman who is presently going through some difficulties. What a delightful thought. How precious! How innocent! I’m sure our heavenly Father is delighted to hear such expressions. But the truth goes much deeper. Our heavenly Father from before the foundation of the world created YOU to be a gift to Him. And in this child he stirred up the thought that He had in mind when He created this child. Deep calls to deep. Love goes out and returns. God is a gift to us and we are a gift to Him.

There are many lying voices coming from many sources in this world, media, fashion and entertainment industries, religions, governments, the devil, parents, siblings and other people who stained our consciences making it difficult for us to make such bold declarations like giving ourselves to God as a gift. What value do we have to One who made everything? I tell you truth when I say the words of that little child are worth more to God than all the churches, temples, synagogues, mosques and all their wealth combined. Now whether you  realize it or not, you ARE a gift from God to Himself. It is a wonderful revelation which brings great joy to one’s heart when this truth is revealed. It happened to me on Valentine’s Day, 1985. It was revealed to me that I am a gift to our heavenly Father and He sent the gift of His Son in my heart to reveal the Truth about me and Him. I rejoice as I write in confidence that one day (if you haven’t heard already) He will reveal this Truth to you. Happy birthday, child of God! You are a precious gift to God!

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  1. Elaine- says:

    oh my, I just got up and I’m already crying :) good tears. This is beautiful, Gary. This is also a gift to God, and I can feel He loves it!

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