Questioning ChildLove Wins

By Charles Slagle

(From “Abba Calling” published by Destiny Image.)

I really can be trusted. Do you honestly believe I would ignore you in the hour of your greatest need? Peace. I AM arranging events even now to release you from those inner struggles and conflicting demands, and your release will come quite apart from your own strength or striving.

This deliverance will not be as stressful as you have imagined, for the worst is already past. Will you trust Me? The happiness of your loved one is assured, for I joined you together. My grace covers and secures you both.

Why do you image yourself unworthy? I have come to the sick, not the well. Child, groveling in remorse will never sure any weakness or produce any good, so shall we leave the past in the past where it belongs?

Cease all frantic self-scrutiny, please, dear child. Focusing on your faults cannot cure them. Putting yourself down will never elevate your spirit. I created you to conquer, and conquer you will! How so? Jesus destroyed sin and death when I raised Him back to life, and you came to life with Him. From my eternal point of view, Christ’s life made all things new.

From your finite point of view, your new life has barely begun. Be patient. I AM. I see you as you really are – eternally in Christ – all the time. You are discovering your true self, moment by moment, day by day – and that’s okay. I have all your lapses covered. Love covers a multitude of lapses.

Interesting provisions are coming soon – seemingly out of nowhere. They will arrive perfectly timed to meet all needs. And there will be supply for some of your little wants – those secret desires of your heart, which I have known, though you have never dared to voice them to Me. Pardon My eavesdropping, but being what and who I AM, it was unavoidable!

Tenderly, Abba

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3 Comments on Can God Really Be Trusted?

  1. Marlin says:

    Thank you…I needed to hear (read) this.

  2. Temitope says:

    Stumbld on ds article while searchn 4 a song…so blesd lyk i’v neva hrd ds words b4

  3. anon says:

    I Trust God ~ it’s people that I don’t trust!

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