I have a few prisoners I correspond with. One of them called me recently telling me about his cellmate. The cellmate believes he is destined for Hell. He was raised in church, yet has come to see himself surely destined to burn forever. Furthermore, he believes that many others like himself will be tormented forever. His Hell is large. I wonder what kind of church he was raised in to come to this conclusion while incarcerated.

So I’ve spent time during the last couple days wondering what I can send to my brother in Christ in the Corporate profit making prison he is incarcerated in that he might be able to share with his cellmate who believes he is hopeless. I couldn’t think of any books I might send him. I checked the Full Gospel Businessmen’s site looking for testimonials I used to read years ago of wonderful conversions to Christ. Couldn’t find any. So I typed into Google “how Jesus saves the lowest”. I wondered what would pop up in the search. Lo and behold, the number one search result was:


This pamphet published over 150 years ago, by Thomas Whittemore came up number one on “how Jesus saves the lowest”. This made my heart happy. Happy, happy, happy! I’m always looking for ways to increase the number of visitors to our internet sites. I’m never happy with the numbers — always trying to reach more. Many traditional evangelistic Christians often wonder why someone like myself spends so much time trying to share the love of Christ since I believe in universal salvation. What’s the point? they asked. Why expend all that energy, time and money if everyone is going to be saved? They don’t really understand. They don’t really know. Do you?




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