“LOVE…Thinks no evil”Waves of grain-mercy
1 Corinthians 13:5
    Ah!  How many hearts on the brink of anxiety and disquietude, by this simple sentence have been made calm and happy!
    Some proceeding has wounded us by its lack of tact; let it rest; no one will think of it again.
    A harsh or unjust sentence irritates us; let it rest; whoever may have given vent to it will be pleased to see it forgiven and forgotten.
    A painful scandal is about to estrange us from an old friend; let it rest, and thus preserve our love and peace of mind.
    A suspicious look is on the point of cooling our affection; let it rest; our look of trust will restore confidence.
    Imagine!  we, who are so careful to remove the briars from our pathway for fear they should wound, yet collect and pierce our hearts with thorns that meet us in our daily intercourse with one another!  How childish and unreasonable we often are!
    Taken from Springs in the Valley

So stop hurting yourself, in Jesus name.

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