Love your enemies

Love your enemies







In the early part of the fourth century AD (CE), Emperor Constantine made Christianity a legal religion of the Roman Empire. Through Constantine’s effort, Constantine’s form of Christianity began to dominate the Empire. In just a few decades the Roman state bureaucracy had been heavily infiltrated by Constantine’s type of Christians.

Just a few decades later, Emperor Julian (61-63 AD), tried to return the Roman Empire back to its traditional gods. Julian attempted to purge out the Constantinian Christians from the state apparatus… but he failed and thus the famous “Vicisti Galilaee,” “You have won, O Galilian One!” Emperor Julian would go down in Western history as Julian, the apostate.

For those who have studied Church history, the Christianity Emperor Constantine brought to this world is not the “The Way” Jesus brought. Constantine the Great brought forth the Church Militant, a church that would become heavily political and militant and greedy. This Church that Constantine instituted was and is NOT the Body of Christ that is assembled by the Holy Spirit that Jesus said He would send.

This Constantinian Church, under which most of the world’s Christian denominations fall under, is very different from the Body of Jesus, the Chosen One. Jesus’ highest commandment was to “love your enemies” even as He loves His enemies. Jesus said in Matt. 26:53 that He could have commanded more than 12 legions of angels to kill those who were about to kill Him. Instead He laid down His life for His enemies. Then He commanded His followers to do likewise. Jesus’ highest commandment was and is “Love your enemies…do not return evil for evil.” (Matt. 5:38-48) The traditional, institutional church has been following “the way” of Constantine and the Church Militant since the fourth century. Only a small remnant throughout church history has followed Jesus’ non-violent way of overcoming enemies.

Yes, Emperor Julian, the Apostate, Jesus, the Chosen One of the Father has won, but not with violence, not with an eye for an eye and a life for a life as most of Christianity has followed for 1600 years…He won on the cross, where He laid down His life for His enemies showing us “THE WAY.”

Moses’ law (Judaism) or any other earthly government or religion will never bring peace. We cannot overcome evil with evil … if we are to follow Jesus’ Way, the way of love.

The Galilean won my heart 30 years ago. He has made me a believer that Love Wins. Vengeance in the hands of human in the name justice will not bring peace to mankind. “Mercy shall triumph over (exalt over, win over) judgment.” (James 2:13) Love wins. Jesus wins all. “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw (drag in Greek) all mankind to Myself. This He spoke signifying what manner of death He should die.” (John 12:32) Jesus, the Chosen One, won. Believe!


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