Could Killing Your Own Children Be An Act of Mercy?

mercy killingIn recent days, there has been much discussion on the internet and the mainstream media about the extent of God’s love. How far does God’s love, mercy and forgiveness extend? Rob Bell in his well-publicized book Love Wins suggests God’s love goes beyond the gates of Hell. Rob Bell does not go so far as to suggest that Hell doesn’t really exist or that God will empty Hell, but he does go far enough to suggest that death and the grave does not end God’s ability to save. The God of Rob Bell has power to save beyond the grave.

Chad Holtz, a pastor, shared Bell’s hope with his congregation. This “Good News” was not received as well has Holtz hoped. They fired him. The media picked up on it big time. CNN, MSNBC, AP, Good Morning America and many more came knocking on Holtz’s door. The secular media is always looking for good food fights among Christians.

Someone sent me an email with a link to an article entitled The Mercy of Killing Your Children by Chad Holtz. I didn’t recognize the author’s name as the pastor who had been fired for making positive comments about Rob Bell’s Love Wins. This young “former” pastor has a very good writing style and a message that will not die with his firing. Enjoy!

The Mercy of Killing Your Children

By Chad Holtz

I received a letter in the mail today that started off well enough.  It encouraged me to “stay the course” and rejoiced in the fact that I and many others are waking up to the “evil lie” that is the teaching of eternal torment.

I relaxed a bit and breathed a quick “amen.”

It was not quick enough, however, for I was soon reading how my “discovery” is only scratching the surface.  The greater truth that must be realized, I was told, is that there are only two destinies slated for humankind: everlasting life is one, death is the other.   The wicked and unrepentant, I was told, will not suffer eternal torment as the “evil lie” suggests but rather be raised to life, judged, and then sent to the Lake of Fire where they will die a second, and final, death.   Why?   Because God loves these “sinners” and is “merciful.”    It is because of his mercy that God “causes them to be as if they never were.”    And while he loves them, he is also “just,” and therefore cannot take them into heaven.

Now I have to confess that at this point I sort of lost interest in this letter and started skimming past sentences.   Not just because of the content but because I was home alone with my 5 kids and they were relentless.   Sophie was bugging me to get on the computer.  Eli was sick all morning with some stomach bug which caused him to be needy and whiny and grouchy towards everyone else.   Maddox and Brody kept fighting over who could play the DS and I had to yell at them a time or two to keep their hands off each other.  And Ava, my sweet Ava, kept bumping into me with her walker between crying fits – a sure sign she was either hungry, tired, or sporting a dirty diaper.

There are days when I am less long-suffering than others and my patience wears thin.  Yes, I know, they are just kids.  They don’t really know any better, especially 10 month old Ava, and they are simply acting as kids are prone to act.  Eli couldn’t help that he was sick today.   He had a far more difficult time than the other four.

But still.  They know the rules of the house.   Ava’s ignorance at 10 months of age is no excuse.    The decibel level in our home is set in stone and her cries of anger and discomfort along with her knocking me in the shins when I would not respond in the manner she thought I should were inexcusable.
And so it was that I stopped reading the letter in my hands and found myself staring longingly at the dark, murky swimming pool in our back yard.  We just moved into this house so the pool has yet to be cleaned up.   It’s full of leaves, dirt, algae and any number of things the CDC would have a field day with.

I looked at the pool, and then at my 5 stubborn, impatient, whiney, ungrateful kids, then back at the pool, then back at my kids.
I love you all, I thought to myself.   But I also have rules.   I love you, but I am also just.

While I chewed on the idea of throwing my kids into the Pool of Muck I congratulated myself for my merciful attributes.    At least I’m not some monster who would resort to water-boarding them for years on end! No, no, no.  That would be evil.   I’m far too merciful and loving for that.
By now they were all napping so I woke them up and led them out to the backyard and lined them up beside the murky pool.   I was just about to do the most loving and merciful thing I could think to do when a faded, knitted placard hanging on the pool house caught the corner of my eye.  It read,
“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

What?   But children are so wearisome!  They are selfish and ignorant and whiney and impatient and needy and they puke and pee and poop on anything and everything!   These are the sorts of people the Kingdom of God belongs to?  Can’t you find more respectable, wise, self-assured, astute, confident, continent people to inhabit your Kingdom, God?

No, I heard God answer.   I want them all.   And the one that is lost, I’ll hunt down till found.
And so that is the story of how my kid’s lives were spared today.   We went back into the house where I did my best to change a diaper, feed some hungry bellies, administer medicine, share my computer and mediate disputes.   I figured that if God is a long-suffering Father, I can at least attempt to be.   At least for today. End of Chad Holtz’ article.

Those articles, books and sermons that demand a Hell full of screaming atheists, idolators, murderers, liars, fornicators, heretics, unbaptized children, women with skirts too long, people who speak in tongues or people who don’t speak in tongues, people who worship on the wrong day, people who joined the wrong denomination etc., etc.  — they always emphasize that God’s justice and holiness demands the most exquisite of everlasting torments for these violators of God’s righteousness. They don’t see the snot hanging from their own noses. God is just! God is holy! They say God will not allow sin in His presence even though they read in the Bible that street sinners will enter God kingdom BEFORE those who are convinced in their own eyes they are righteous. The fact is, those who make such statements do not recognize their own filthy condition. In God’s eyes religious, pious adults who exalt themselves by putting others down are brats themselves. “They are selfish and ignorant and whiney and impatient and needy and they puke and pee and poop on anything and everything!” They do not see their own sins of religion which are, according to the Bible, twice as dirty as street sin. Thank God, He is patient with poop covered children. It takes longer to clean religious poop. Thank God, His patience endures forever. If that wasn’t the case, there would be no children in God’s house, especially those who are righteous in their own eyes. Gary Amirault, Tentmaker Ministries

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