Love Wins by Rob Bell

Love Wins by Rob Bell

Short Review: Rob Bell’s “Love Wins.

By Michelle Amirault

a book about heaven, hell, and the fate of every person who ever lived”

What a wonderful concept Love winning actually is.  Talk about hope for the hopeless.  Any real thinking person has to admit they have wondered about some of the thoughts the author discusses.  Rob Bell takes the courage to not only submit his thoughts, but to lay himself on the line of scrutiny to write about and discuss the kinds of things we all should be wondering and discussing.  If God is love, why are there so many evils?  Does Love really Win?  Does God have His will and way in the end? What is hell?  What is God’s purpose in creation? Are all things restored to God? What do the words translated ‘eternal’ and ‘forever’ actually mean?

I feel Rob is doing a wonderful job here and being used of God to put these thoughts out on the table.  I have also seen that ALL being restored to God is in clearly taught in the church’s history as Rob plainly declares.   What he discusses is more than a noble thing to bring to the forefront.

So why all the uproar?!   Because the traditions of men, that including believing in a place of eternal torment, make the actual word of God of no effect; see for yourself Matt 15:6-9. Going against the majority, even if you are bringing people out of the dark ages, is not an easy task.

The last two chapters of the book not only invite you to have your own relationship with this wonderfully loving God, but he affirms it is your choice.  Although, I believe God makes each of us thirsty for His kind of love, Rob expresses that having the choice is part of love and I concur with that.  This book surely does that too.  It gives you a choice to embrace the heart of what God says, or continue to believe what you want about Him and yourself. I like what our Father says more than what I think.

My brief summary in no way can make up for your reading this book yourself. And remember, when you enter the pearly gates, you will not be able to bring your pastor or Sunday school teacher along side to blame them for not knowing the truth. You need to find out the truth for yourself. He who the SON sets free (not some human teacher), is free indeed. Go learn of love and grow!

I suggest you give it a try. Michelle Amirault who believes truly indeed “love wins!”

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2 Comments on Short Review: Rob Bell’s Love Wins

  1. Ivan Rogers says:

    I “love” this page. It’s a “winner” (pun intended. Michelle’s review of Love Wins is a winner, too.

  2. John the Baptist the 2nd says:

    ‘Going against the majority, even if you are bringing people out of the dark ages is not an easy task’. Perhaps if you changed this thought pattern , you might find or perceive the privilage of leading souls into truth very easy and fun filled. Unless for some reason, your concept of self needs to think of it as hard, to perhaps think of yourself as noble? I find the good news we share an extra-ordinary light burden and sharing the truth very easy. Of Course I am one that has to deal with the fact of being filled with joy that overflows on a moment to moment basis and awakes with a song in my heart each morning , without even trying to be this way. Keep foremost in your mind that it is the Holy Spirit who is really doing the work, That it is not YOUR Kingdom, and that Our Fathers’ will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Or Don’t. And keep thinking that truth is a heavy burden and that it is hard to speak it to others. You may take offense at these comments, or don’t.

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