Hell is Locked From the Inside

“Many say hell is locked on the inside. But how? Christ has the keys! …What are we implying when we infer God is helpless in the face of man’s “free” will? It intimates our salvation depends on human power, not divine. Thus God is stripped of His power and glory leaving the blood of Christ powerless to save those for whom it was shed (all sinners). In fact, it negates the very definition of God as “The Almighty,” leaving us with no real God at all… Even while Pharaoh resisted Moses, God was at work according to His plan. Where was Pharaoh’s “free” will? …What has happened to GOD? Our tradition has pawned His power off to man in the myth of “free” will… It is most important to realize that God can and will change the hearts of men so they will repent and serve Him. What He does for a few, He does for all!” (Gerry Beauchemin, Hope beyond hell.)

“Tradition has taught us that finite sins merit infinite penalty because they are committed against an infinite God. This may seem right to some minds, but how would it seem to a God who “is” love? How can justice require infinite penalty from creatures born in sin through no fault of their own, prone to sin by an inherited weakness (Adam’s curse), created with imperfect knowledge, surrounded by demons tempting on every side, and all in light of Christ’s propitiation for the sins of the whole world (1Jn. 2:2; Jn. 1:29)? Infinite penalty cannot satisfy justice by definition. For at the point at which it satisfies justice, the penalty must end. Because what is infinite cannot end and Scripture affirms just penalty (Col. 3:25; Heb. 2:2), “just infinite penalty” is self-contradictory.” (Gerry Beauchemin, Hope beyond hell.)

A “Love Gem” plucked for Tentmaker Ministries by M.D.

What The Hell Is Hell?

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3 Comments on Are the Doors of Hell is Locked From The Inside?

  1. Jeffrey Smith says:

    Jesus is the great shepherd. We are the lost sheep. Concerning free will, is there any sheep that determines that he won’t let the shepherd find him. If there is a challenge of wills, who will last longer to have their will done?

  2. Jonathan says:

    Well said.

    “Christ our Lord has the keys of hell itself.”

    “Keys are for unlocking … when the time is right”

  3. stan says:

    all i know is that im going to heaven because im good.
    my catholic priest told me that any person who commits even one sin goes to hell. my priest dont lie.

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