Deep in the heart of gratitude is a nugget of tremendous faith.  For the truly grateful person is one who is walking the walk of faith.  He believes that his blessings, peace, and goodness come from forces and sources outside of himself.  Thanksgiving and trust are Siamese twins.

Praise Always

Hallelujah Anyway!


      The Believer who thanks God for blessings will also be able to thank God when the blessings do not come.  I once saw a huge sign on the wall above a friend’s desk made up of only two words:


      God is always blessing us and we should be thankful at all times!  It’s amazing how this attitude works miracles.  Instead of complaining when things go wrong, thank God anyway!  Believe that He will turn even tragedy into a triumph.

      Once you begin to believe that God can turn an evil event into a blessing, you will begin to relax.  When your attitude and mood changes, you arise above the difficulty.  That’s the point where the miracle takes place!  Your mountain suddenly turns into a miracle…So, be thankful anyway…and expect God’s miracle!

        Taken from Tough minded Faith for Tender-hearted People

 Related Bible Texts:  Exodus 15:1, 2; Jonah 2:1-9; Psalm 63:1-8; Hebrews 13:12-16

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HALLELUJAH ANYWAY! Hallelujah means Praise Jah. Jah, or Yah is a shortened form of Yahweh, a name for the Deity in the Old Testament. Jesus’ name in Hebrew is Jashua, Yeshua, Y’shua which means “Yah/Jah saves.” Salvation, in the Hebrew sense means deliverance, healing, wholeness, wellness, restoration.

Postscript: I have read thousands books and articles and listened to thousands of audio cassettes, CD’s and DVD’s on the Christian message. This short simple message if taken to heart and mouth will produce more fruit in one’s life and the lives of those around them than a thousand seminary degrees. Gary Amirault

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