Scott D. Amirault Memorial

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  1. Lou Wilson says:

    Memorial? Has this dear brave christian passed away? When? How? Ever sense I accidentally discovered his website summer 0f 2006 while I was at Ft Hood, Tx…awaiting to go to Afghanistan, I have never been the same. While over in Afghan..I read and reread all of the Tentmaker articles and all the scriptures until God’s Holy Spirit convicted me of its truthfulness. What Christ accomplished on the cross has become bigger than life. God is truly LOVE and eventually everyone will see it and feel it. I don’t dread the future…God is in control. I will always appreciate Bro Amirault’s ministry.

  2. Deborah Clark says:

    Hello Gary,I really like your video e-mail. Please continue it if you are able to. I happened upon your website, and the things that i have been reading seem too wonderful to be true.We were taught that only the elect would be saved, and everyone else will be annihalated on the day of judgement. This is the good news that has been kept from mankind. thanks you

  3. Gary Amirault says:

    Yes, the fulfillment of the promises of God are too big for the mind of man; it takes the mind of Christ which seems to be greatly lacking in the Church. Unbelief, the great sin seems to plaque us. We boast in our “decision” for Christ instead of boasting in Christ’s victory over sin. We are still a people seeks vengeance rather than mercy. Thanks for your comments. Be bold. Gary

  4. Leo Saleta says:

    Dear tentmakers
    What a wonderfull Gospell that you people teach, I have known that the hell that is preached was wrong so I asked God to help me to understand more about his word , so here I am reading and understanding Gods Word as it should be, are there any Churches in Victoria Ausralia that teach the same as the tentmakers do. Cheers for now and thankyou, Leo

  5. stuart says:

    I have believed in life for all for some time Found your stuff and it is good stuff Any place in Australia to meet similar Thanks Stuart

  6. Gary Amirault says:

    Hello, Stuart. There are folks I come across from time to time in Australia who have seen Christ’s Full Victory, but I don’t know of any meeting places. You might want to try some discussion forums on this topic like ours at:

  7. Geeta says:

    Is there a trinity. Is Jesus God . Is the Holy Spirit God. I came to the same conclusion as you….that Jesus will save his whole creation and when I found your site it’s been such a GREAT relief. Shalom. God bless.

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