God’s Will

Gary Amirault on October 10th, 2011

Love – The Deciding Factor 4:3).  God desires to have His will in our lives by working purity in our hearts, and He can achieve this under ANY outward circumstance.  The outward influences are incidental.  The deciding factor is the inward desire.

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Gary Amirault on June 22nd, 2011

Is God’s Will Necessarily the Church’s Will? Having been in several dozen denominational and non-denominational Christian churches, I have noticed something very peculiar I have been in once saved, always saved churches, and I have been in churches where a mustache on your face will send you to hell

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Gary Amirault on May 25th, 2011

Election Purpose of Election God has called a people in election, choosing them for a particular purpose To what purpose are the elect chosen For the God of the Universe is GOD, not god Election God All in all What a God

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